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Galvanised Handrail

Flocon are the approved supplier for Fastclamp fittings across South Wales

Handrail fittings are often referred to as Pipe Clamp, Tube Clamp, Q Clamp, Interclamp, Key Clamp or Kee Klamp and these fittings are fundamentally the same in that they are Hot Dip Galvanised Malleable Iron Fittings that are secured onto the end of Galvanised Handrail Tube using an Allen Key to thread the grub screw that comes with the handrail fittings into the Handrail itself.

Flocon are the South Wales approved supplier for KeeKlamp, Defender and BSG Handrail / Walkway systems.

We are happy to help whether you're installing a small scale stair support or a complex counter weight roof edge protection system for schools and hospitals.

With a wide variety of Handrail tube and fittings from stock and access to vast quantities of any balances available for next day delivery, we are sure to be able to meet any demands.
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